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I create close ups of places, spaces, and objects in the natural environment using cyanotype, film, and digital photography. Close ups for me are a way of slowing down and learning to look and to visualize what could easily be unnoticed. By calling attention to these potentially unnoticed images, I begin to see the interconnectedness of the world. Photography serves as a meditational process that links thought to action in the act of taking a photograph. While photographing, the act of bringing the camera to the eye links what is in the mind to what is happening in the world. The camera is the intersection of what I aim to record with what is actually recorded in a photograph.

Studying the environment close up, has contributed to my use of photography in the classroom as a visual research strategy. When photographing, I discern how to best describe what is taking place through images. In this sense, photographing serves as a form of visual research. I challenge myself to consider how to look into the deeper meaning of photographs taken in the classroom. I use photography for slowing down, studying, and noticing unique learning strategies, connections, and patterns among learners. Through photography, I study children’s creative processes and the context, details, and nuances that may exist. Photographing is also a process of making visible the aesthetics of learning or the beauty that exists within creative processes.

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