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Participants use Visual and Performance based research strategies to explore existing and potential intersections between the arts and early childhood settings. 

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Leading Learner Council: 2018-2019

Paradise Valley Community College

Funded by First Things First 

Lead Researcher.

Participatory Research Project: Exploring the Intersections Between the arts and early childhood settings

Participating Organizations:


Music Instrument Museum

Paradise Valley Community College:  early childhood and fine arts program

Santa Fe Opera - Kim Shakespeare Jones

Head Start 

St Joan of Arc Preschool

Pinnacle Presbyterian School

We are a creative community of learners, who study, research and converse to exchange ideas, discover common ground, and create places of intersections in Early Childhood education and the Arts that can inspire innovation and deeper understandings.

Goal:  To Create a space and protocol for sharing documentation between teaching artists and teachers. 

Goal:  Create opportunities for teachers to learn/experience the arts.  Create opportunities for teachers to develop “artistic thinking”.  

Goal:  Create higher education courses/opportunities for arts integration and artistic thinking 

Goal:  Studying theories and issues related to the arts and language/culture in early childhood classroom. 


Participants use video conferencing to call in experts in the field of arts education to participate in interviews and dialogue


Participants visit museums and local arts organizations to investigate potential intersections.

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