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Current Trends in Art Education

Course Description: This course explores ways in which contemporary issues in art, education, and society influence theories and practices in art education. Through weekly reading assignments, discussions, and individual research projects students will examine scholarly writings, creative practices, and contemporary issues as they shape art education. As an issues-oriented course, topics for consideration in ARTE 590 are grounded in practices that foster the personal creative potential for individuals and communities.

  • Students will examine the current trends and issues discussed in the major journals of the National Art Education Association as well as other refereed journals related to art education.

  • Students will synthesize and summarize readings in an abstract using APA format.

  • Students will compose thought-provoking questions based on class readings.

  • Students will compile an annotated bibliography related to a chosen topic in a current trend and/or topic in the field of art education.

  • Students will visually illustrate ideas and thoughts in the form of an art object focused on contemporary thoughts in the field of art education.

Student Work:  

Art Education and Ecology: Elena Williamson


Art Education and Social Justice

Student Work:

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