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This is a theory and practice course on qualitative and arts-based inquiry in art education. The course covers methods of library and document research, observation, and interview and explores uses of creative process in research. Students formulate a research question/topic and practice qualitative and arts-based methods and methodologies.

Visual and written field journaling is a central component in exploring their topic, research processes, and self as a researcher. Course culminates in papers, presentations, field journals, and a written research proposal and presentation.

  • Gaining an understanding of qualitative research methods.-

  • Selecting, refining, and developing an appropriate research topic.

  • Understanding the research process: formulating a research question/statement, writing a literature review, a methodology review, findings, results, and conclusions.

  • Participate in ongoing visual and narrative field journaling in support of self as inquirer and the inquiry itself.

  • Students will know how to formulate a thesis statement.

  • Students will understand research methodology and be able to apply appropriate research methods to their research topic.

  • Students will master the fundamentals listed as learning objectives that are necessary to produce a successful research project.

  • Students will understand how reflection and journaling contributes to their roles as artist/teacher/researcher.

Applied Research in Art Education

Student Examples: 
Visualizing Research
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