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Teaching, Scholarship, and Service

My work in the field of Art Education has expanded over 20 years as a researcher, professional development provider, parent educator,

and higher education instructor.

This website is evidence of my active and creative participation in the field of art education and teacher education. 

  •  Examples of Project Management and Coordination:  Design and creation of teacher inquiry projects​ and professional development programs:        Collaborative Teachers Institute and Collaborative Educators Institute

  • Funded Research Projects:  DELTA and Leading Learners Council

  • Awards and Leadership: (including  Consulting Editor for Innovations in Early Childhood Journal from the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance)

  • Presentations at national and international professional conferences  

  • Invited keynote speeches and lectures

  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • And more....


  • Early Childhood Arts Integration - multiple literacies

  • Teacher inquiry and visual research strategies

  • The development of classroom teachers’ artistic thinking and how artistic thinking contributes to teachers’ practices in the classroom

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